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❄️ Winter Cheer! Unwrap 50% Savings in Our Seasonal Sale! 🌨️🎁⛄
❄️ Winter Cheer! Unwrap 50% Savings in Our Seasonal Sale! 🌨️🎁⛄


Imaginative Dough Shaping Playset for Kids


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  • 🌟 Molds young imaginations into shape
  • 👐 Encourages hands-on learning and dexterity
  • 🌿 Eco-Friendly & Safe: Non-toxic, soft dough
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Spark joy and nurture young minds with PlayShape, the ultimate dough shaping playset that turns playtime into a journey of creativity, sensory exploration, and boundless imagination—perfect for crafting memories that children and parents will cherish forever.

Craft, Create, Explore

Every squish, roll, and press with PlayShape opens a world of endless possibilities. Here, your child becomes the master of their world, crafting dinosaurs, landscapes, fruits & vegetables,... that tell their unique stories. It's a hands-on experience that mixes fun with a dash of education, fostering creativity that knows no bounds.

Squish, Shape, and Stay Safe: Eco-Friendly Play for Kids

PlayShape is crafted with your child's well-being at the forefront. The dough is soft, pliable, and most importantly, safe. Made from non-toxic, wheat-based materials, it's gentle on the earth and safe for your little ones. So, they can squish and shape to their heart's content, and you can rest easy knowing they're playing safe.


  • Kids Play Dough Set
  • Educational Adventure
  • Easy Mold & Reset
  • Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Versatile Play Possibilities
  • Age Recommendations: 3-5+ Years
  • For Sizing Please See Product Pictures
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