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⭐ Fast Finds! Dive Into Our Advent Sale with 50% Off Holiday Specials! 🎄🎁
⭐ Fast Finds! Dive Into Our Advent Sale with 50% Off Holiday Specials! 🎄🎁

Number Adventures Set

A Numerical Journey From Farmyard Friends to Lock-and-Key Learning


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  • 🐄 Dive into counting fun with vibrant farm critters and engaging lock challenges.
  • 🔐 A dynamic duo that fosters numerical understanding and hones motor skills.
  • 🎉 A joyous playtime blend: making number learning irresistibly fun and enchanting!
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Elevate your child’s early learning experience with the Number Adventures Set. Designed to make numbers tangible and fun, this captivating duo harmoniously combines the farmyard charm of KidFarm with the hands-on, lock-and-key adventures of MindPlay. An all-inclusive, tactile journey into the world of counting, matching, and problem-solving awaits.

From Farmyard Frolics to Lock-and-Key Learning

Immerse your little one in the delightful world of KidFarm, where vibrant farm animals aren't just for play but also lay the foundation for counting, sorting, and logical thinking.

As the farmyard fun unfolds, transition them to the intriguing locks of MindPlay. Here, every key turn not only refines their motor skills but solidifies their understanding of numbers in the most interactive way possible.

Montessori Magic: Where Play Meets Intellectual Growth

This meticulously curated bundle is the perfect blend of fun and foundational learning. Infused with Montessori principles, it ensures that playtime is not just about enjoyment but also about setting your child on a trajectory of intellectual and motor growth. Through laughter, discovery, and a sprinkle of challenge, Number Adventures Set promises to make numerical learning a cherished adventure.


  • Montessori-inspired, fostering independent discovery and learning
  • Engaging playsets for numerical recognition
  • Designed for hands-on interaction
  • Crafted for durability, ensuring countless playtimes
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