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🌴 Summer Joy! Unveil 50% Savings in Our Seasonal Sale! 🌞🎁🌟
🌴 Summer Joy! Unveil 50% Savings in Our Seasonal Sale! 🌞🎁🌟


Kids' Felt Christmas Tree Adventure

  • 🌲 Durable for season after season
  • 👨‍👩‍👧 Craft heartwarming memories together
  • 🌟 Enhances fine motor skills and decision-making
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Variant: With LED Lights
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Let your child's imagination soar this holiday season with JingleTree - a Kids' Felt Christmas Tree Adventure, designed to create unforgettable memories, foster creativity, and bring festive joy to every little heart.


Where Kids Craft Their Own Holiday Magic

Kids don't just want to observe the holiday magic; they want to be a part of it. With JingleTree, they take the reins of their own holiday story. They can decorate, play, and even change things up as many times as they want. It’s all about the joy of creation and the thrill of personalizing their very own tree.

Crafting Stories & Building Skills

As your child chooses and places each piece, they're not only designing their perfect Christmas tree, but they're also honing fine motor skills, decision-making, and artistic expression. Every rearrangement is a new story, a new adventure, sparking endless creativity.



  • Customizeable Felt Christmas Tree
  • Interactive Festive Fun
  • Mess-Free Holiday Decor
  • Adaptable Ornament Placement
  • Sets: With or Without LED Lights
  • 28 Decor Ornaments Included
  • Age Recommendations: 2-5+ Years
  • For Sizing Please See Product Description

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